Rope Access Capability

Our Rope Access Workforce – IRATA Certified Levels 1 - 3

Why Rope Access?

Electrical and Instrumentation Capabilities
Qualified E & I Engineers and Technicians with various levels of work experience.
Equipment & Tools

Mechanical Capabilities
Qualified mechanical Engineers and Technicians with various levels of work experience.
Equipment & Tools

Non-Destructive Testing
Qualified and Certified NDT Technicians in different aspects of NDT
Certified Technicians for confined space entry.
Equipment and Tools

Hazards and Preventive Measures

Fall from heights
Ill health and contagious diseases

Our Preventive measures (Fall from heights)
Always maintaining 2. contact
Daily inspection of our equipment
A mandatory rescuer who also doubles as a supervisor is always on-site, this person is also a level 3 Rope Access IRATA Certified Technician

Our Preventive measures (Ill health and contagious disease)
Certified Hospitals for an accurate check on all our manpower before they are deployed
Constant health checks and updates on all our crew
Quadrant Energy Isolation policy, pre-boarding any assignment

Advantages / Benefits

Minimal or no destruction
Swift mobilization
Cost effectiveness
Minimal impact on other operations and the environment
Quick setup upon arrival
Quick daily setup and end of day dismantling
Easy access to confined spaces

Cathodic Protection and Construction/Installation Capabilities

Cathodic Protection
Capacity for EPC of CP system

Construction and Installation Supports
Project Execution Manpower (Skilled & Semi-Skilled) and Equipment/Tools.

Procurement Service

Quadrant Energy Limited has the capacity to provide material procurement services to our clients through our synergy with various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), stockists and buying houses in America, Europe and Asia for the following items;

Assembled Equipment

Pumps of various types
Instrumentation Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Spare Parts

Electrical and Instrument spare parts
Mechanical equipment spare parts

Personal Protective Equipment

We supply only the state-of-the-art

Instrumentation Equipment

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